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Sealink Employee Health Insurance

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Sealink provides fully subsidised health insurance for eligible employees.  The plan name is Wellbeing One, a broad surgical and healthcare plan for peace of mind. Wellbeing One includes cover for cancer care and unlimited surgical procedures.  

Join the Sealink work scheme and you can get:
  • Wellbeing One plan from Southern Cross for you - paid for by Sealink
  • Cover for qualifying pre-existing conditions if you join within 90 days of becoming eligible
This is also a great opportunity to add your partner and children to your policy, at your cost - they too get discounted rates and concessions, provided you add them at the same time as you join.​
If you have any questions about plans offered in the Sealink work scheme, or for help enrolling, please get in touch with your adviser:

Adviser name: Geoff Aylward
Phone: 0800 33 22 34
Mobile: 027 301 3659

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